Live @ FAT – Curtis Santiago and the Vendetta Republic

Arguably the most noticeable figure in Toronto’s music scene, Curtis Santiago doesn’t mess around when it comes to fashion.  Always dressed to turn heads, his music is a thorough representation of that.  Starting his set off slow, he quickly brought on his band, the Vendetta Republic, to turn some notches up.


Curtis is no stranger to the stage.  In fact, he was probably conceived on one.  He doesn’t let up when there’s a mic in his hand.  Needless to say, he made the most of his short set time.

Halfway through his set, he instructs his band to improvise on a track and requests suggestions from the crowd (the Distillery District was the quick winner) and managed to bring on the lovely Anna Cyzon for an impromptu guest appearance.

All in all, Curtis and the Vendetta Republic brought the perfect amount of energy to a crowd who’s knocking down their 3rd or 4th Redbull of the night.

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