Live @ FAT – Night 1 – Miles Jones

Miles Jones’ laid back flow and old school-influenced beats shine through when you give him a stage and a crowd.


Accompanied by a live drummer, DJ Serious and a quick appearance by label mate Kae Sun, Miles’ performance caught the attention of a crowd on onlookers probably paid just as much attention to his outfit as they did his rhymes. ¬†Dressed in the obligatory hiphop attire (fresh Nikes, black jacket & jeans and a Jays fitted), Miles thoroughly fulfills the role of the rapper. ¬†Closing out his set with the overly catchy “Runaway,” Miles covered all the bases and repped Toronto’s music and fashion scene to the fullest.

With an album full of slick rhymes, soulful beats and sing-em-in-the-shower hooks, be sure to cop his latest offering, “Runaway Jones” for that feel-good music the warm weather begs for.

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