Condition: A point when a conflict reaches its highest tension and must be resolved.

Therapy: Art and fashion with an attitude or a message. Work that examines conflict, frustration, dysfunction, chaos and contradiction in fashion, art and our political, cultural and social environment.


Project Survival

The dusk has barely settled on yet another failed apocalypse, as designers welcome the new year with visions of fashion in crisis.  With so many people living the lives of the un-dead – spiritually crucified at work, or in relationships more in need of formaldehyde than a diamond ring, it is not surprising that sometimes, something, or someone, gets shattered.  When gas masks and chainsaws seem like a good choice for accessorizing – you may be in a moment of fashion crisis.

Katrin Spranger

[FAT]’s spectrum of performance, dance, photography, installation, film, and fashion creates a razor sharp venue for the descent into crisis.   The thing with getting crazy with a little chaos – you wouldn’t bother if the status quo was any better, right?  Sometimes we need to get broken to break away from the bastards that grind us down.  Scream like Carrie, roll in a little road kill, at [FAT] no one’s judging – but you can bet they’ll be filming!


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