The beauty of nature winter snow and ice inspired the collection, and I tried to recreate the style of Wall Street businesswomen, and how people would think of Wall Street people dressed, gives them a little bit more fun at work but maintain classy. The style could be Avant Garde but wearable, from work to party, from business to happy hours, since the inspiration is related to natural; the colors I will be using will be close to grey, ivory and nude ……

Types of fabric choses that I will be using in this collection are:
Silk to gives that softness, flowy and feminine look on the dresses
Cotton, leather and wool to create the structure , Avant Garde look
Types of embellishments will be adding to collection as detail, such as stones, chains, etc.…

In the collection 2016 fall and winter, I will be incorporate “slow fashion” and  “natural dyes” to have better quality, classic and something could last for a longer period. Fashion is all about is an individual statement of expression for everyone. Since the original inspiration/idea of this collection is the texture of snow and ice, something I took from nature, and I will present it will the natural fabric and technic.


Fiona Xiao Sun was born in southern part of china. A city named Shenzhen, which connects to a major fashion city – Hong Kong. She has seen different people wearing all types of styles. Fiona was dreaming to become a fashion designer one day when she was very young, and she always has a sense of fashion. She inspired by lots of things, the nature, a leaf, colors… She attended in school of fashion during year 2009-2012. After the fashion show she has worked in Hong Kong Armani as Trend Researcher / Assistant Designer for a year. Year of 2013 she decided to move back to Toronto.

Fiona’s work could be Avant Garde but still maintain everyday wear look. She likes to work with all types of natural fabric. As a fashion designer she always thinks that fashion is all about an individual statement of expression for everyone.


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