This series of images of model Gabriella MacPherson was created with Frida Kahlo in mind, and inspired by her strong portraits. We wanted to do a series of images that would have a strong cultural identity, as Frida’s portraits always did, seeing she was so proud of her country and culture. At the same time, we wanted to do something that would speak of our own country, Canada, and make it not specific to one genre, or culture. We wanted to portray a blending of cultures, yet still make it look strong and unique as if it belonged to one culture.

For this project, we decided to use Canadian designers with strong African influence. The choice for us was obvious and we approached Kaela Kay and VKeita without hesitation. Their fabrics and colours, designs and workmanship are impeccable. Both designers are not only talented, but also blend traditional African designs with a modern flair. We were very happy to have them both on board.

As Frida loved animals and flowers in her hair, we also incorporated both as an homage to this great artist. As Frida is a painter, we also wanted to have a strong painter-theme in the photos, and made a lot of these portraits inspired by Cezanne, Van Gogh and other great artists.

Creative Team:
Photography: Michele Taras Photography
Model: Gabriella MacPherson
Designers: Kaela Kay VKeita
Jewellery: Monikque Couture Jewellery, Karen McFarlane and others
MUA: Kristina West
Animals: Hands on Exotics


Michele Taras, originally from Montreal, and now residing in Orangeville, Canada, is a creative photographer who eats, sleeps and breathes photography. Over the last couple of years, she has been concentrating on fashion photography, always creating the next concept and vision of a story. Taras has studied photography with Sheridan College and the New York Institute of Photography.
Michele Taras has received awards from numerous organizations, including One Eyeland, WPGA, WIPI and the prestigious international awards from Paris PX3, and the International Photography Awards based out of the United States. She was awarded Brampton’s Citizen Award with Art Acclaim.
She finds the most value in her recent work, collaborating with talented models, make up artists and designers.   Within the last year, she has been published by Surreal Beauty magazine (including cover), Flawless magazine, IMirage magazine (including cover), Sheeba, Dark Beauty magazine, Obscurae magazine, Veux magazine (including cover), 7th Circle magazine and Vogue Italia.
Taras says: “The essence of photography as art, is to break the rules of conformity and create your own path. “


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