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REVIVAL+SURVIVAL began as Quennie’s Final Thesis at OCAD University as a three-piece collection, and was an attempt at reviving and sustaining her Philippine culture within herself. It slowly transformed and added the question of who she is, not only as a designer, but also as a person.This collection, concept, processes and materials used are not only about researching, honouring and teaching her Filipino heritage, but are also about finding out who she is as a designer and the priorities that she has in the design process. By weaving and dyeing her own fabric, she is aware of how the fabrics were made, without having to worry about whether the fabrics were unethically, or unsustainably made, she believes that this knowledge will always be her top design priority. She realized that she is not and does not want to be a traditional Philippine textile artist; she does not want to force herself to be something she is not.

Full Thesis Statement can be found on: http://quenniedagmang.blogspot.ca/2015/08/revivalsurvival-final-thesis-statement.html


Quennie Dagmang is a recent graduate of OCAD University, with a Bachelor of Design in Material Art and Design: Fibre, and is now working with Kollar Clothing, a growing Toronto Based High-End Streetwear Menswear Brand. By attending OCAD University, she has learnt that, although she and her peers have all learnt the same skills and techniques, how they differ from one another is how they chose to apply and use those skills and techniques. How Quennie wishes to apply her knowledge in textiles is through fashion design; she has always been interested in fashion design, however chose to attend OCADU for textiles because she wanted to create not only the garments, but also the fabrics used for the garments. She also believe in ethical, sustainable and timeless design, where slow fashion, weaving and natural dyeing is of focus. She is very process based, where creating and manipulating the fabric before creating the final garment is much more important.

Queenies does not want to limit herself because of her heritage, she considers herself as a “worldly designer,” where she does not only take inspiration from her culture, as many cultures has inspired her. The most important thing is to learn about those cultures, meanings and reasoning behind why certain things are done. She wishes to be respectful of what she’s using from those cultures, and she uses it out of respect to teach others about said culture. She believes by doing this, she becomes more open minded in design and different cultures, and wishes to teach others to do the same thing.

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