The |FAT| 2014 theme INFASHION / UNFASHION reflects opposing values, visions and expressions around fashion and art. INFASHION refers to that which is in vogue and on trend. UNFASHION refers to sources of influence beyond trends such as art, culture, industry, nature, politics, religion, society etc.

With a constant shift of what is current and in the now, the worlds of fashion and art are perpetually evolving and changing. Each night will showcase two opposing ideas in contradiction to one another. Designers/Artists will present one of the two opposing themes of a particular night, or will explore how those two contrasting ideas can work together.

INFASHION / UNFASHION will be presented April 22 -26, across five days of unique programming based on these five sub-themes: EARTH vs INDUSTRY, GRIT vs GLAMOUR, CULT vs CULTURE, MASCULINE vs FEMININE and MINIMAL vs EXTREME.

EARTH / INDUSTRY (presented on earth day – April 22nd) explores the clash between nature verses the manmade. Designers/Artists are influenced by nature, sustainability, ethics and the organic environment or they work on the opposite spectrum by expressing ideas around progress, technology, media, architecture and built structures.

MINIMAL / EXTREME looks at the contrast between less is more verses more is more in art and design. Minimal explores the subtlety and simplicity in esthetics, with clean and primary shapes, colours and textures. Extreme, explores the exaggerated, eccentric, extravagant and over the top.

GRIT / GLAMOUR surveys the contrast between the raw verses the refined. Grit examines the human condition on the edge of society; the margenalized, rebeliouse, grimy, unrefined, unpriveledged and dark side of humanity, while Glamour encompasses fantasy, perfection in beauty, privelage, grand self image, luxury, opulence and wealth.

CULT / CULTURE examines counter culture verses global and pop culture. Cult refers to a group bound together by an obsessive adoration or worship of an object, person or ideal. Culture explores global tendancies and refers to broader influences in heritage, history, geography, art, literature, music, entertainment etc.

MASCULINE / FEMININE explores opposing qualities in male verses female gender and also looks at androgyny and the absence of gender association. Artists either present traditional notions of what expresses masculinity and femininity or play with gender to break down conventional roles and classifications.