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Mama Loves You Vintage Photo Series (2014)




The April 2016 edition of Fashion Art Toronto titled DRESS CODES looks at the major role fashion plays in constructing identity. Throughout 5 nights of programming; artists and designers interpret clothing as a marker of social status, gender, class, culture, religion, occupation, attitudes and as a form of self expression.

From April 12-16, DRESS CODES  will present fashion collections and artistic work that responds to 5 sub-themes, with a different theme presented each night: HAUTE Culture, Un DRESS, Counter CODE , DRESS Accordingly and Cross DRESS.



HAUTE Culture explores imagery and clothing that signifies social status. From couture clothing to high fashion street wear, the night presents work inspired by opulence, aristocracy, celebrity, nobility, embellishment and high society.


Un DRESS looks at sexuality, fantasy and play, examining the body – its freedoms and constraints. Constructing and deconstructing the “dress” designers and artists experimental with the fashion process to reveal or conceal the body.


Counter CODE presents a rejection of the norm. Artists and designers are inspired by rebellion, evolution and innovation that shifts design beyond the familiar and mainstream. From politics, to environment, technology and innovation, work presents a dissatisfaction with the traditional mold.


DRESS Accordingly explores the rules and codes of dressing according to a social or cultural group, specific occasion, ritual or belief system. Artists and designers are inspired by traditional clothing, uniforms and costumes worn at functions and celebrations or identifying belonging to a specific group.


Gender WEAR  explores social, cultural and gender based stereotypes and identity that is non descript by social standards. Art & fashion is mixed up, mashed up, merged and confused, blurring the lines of gender and breaking through cultural and social styles, trends and standards of dressing.