Fashion Art Toronto
April 24-28, 2019
6pm - 11pm
Daniels Spectrum
585 Dundas Street East
A 5-day fashion experience featuring 35+ fashion runway presentations, photography, multi-disciplinary art, short films, DJ & bar



14TH EDITION: April 24-28, 2019


The April 2019 edition of Fashion Art Toronto titled MOVEMENT explores the dynamic behind human existence and human activity, our capacity to grow, change and transform through the experiences we go through in life including personal shifts initiated by our own circumstance, and change from outside forces; social and political movements and global trends.

Through the course of 5 nights, Fashion Art Toronto will examine how the idea of “movement” is expressed creatively through fashion, art, performances, clothing and body to bring into focus a compelling notion of human pursuit.

Designers and artists are encouraged to explore what inspires us, motivates us, what moves us forward and how our creativity is directed and shaped by the changes that happen inside and around us, in our social, political and cultural environment.


Some concepts that will be explored include:


SHIFTING WORLD – Exploring changes in environment and our relationship with the world we live in, technology and communication, tensions between public and private, personal versus global.


BODY MOVES –  A focus around body movement, dance, fluidity, physicality, performance, movement through design, fashion and art, fabric and clothes, communication and interaction through the art of motion and gesture.


TIME IS NOW – Examining change that happens in the realm of desire and esthetics, shifting of trends, ideas/styles (what’s in), diversity of influences and their currency, change in esthetics and the pursuit of beauty mirrored in the now.


IN FLUX – A focus on the expression of movement through fiber art, exploring current, past and future textiles and fabric through structure, surface and shape – fabrics that have motion, responsive clothing and textiles that reflect on technological change and advancement.


CHANGING PLACES – A look at movement through current social, political and global movements, exploring, migration, mobility, travel, changing cultures, and power through social change. The theme examines global and local cultures and subcultures, shifting of influences, integration, inclusion and diversity and what inspires and moves us to peruse change.

PERFORMANCE AT FASHION ART TORONTO 2018 by Vessna Perunovich clothing by L’uomo Strano
PHOTO by Che Rosales