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Faceted objects, modern architecture and geometry that collide and contrast with every organic shape that conform this planet  and seemingly don’t belong to it.

We are in the 21st century and technology start to reshape our lives and the relations among each other at the speed of Light setting ourselves far away from human touch and the Expression of feelings through gadgets. Somehow unconsciously, as if we were trying to escape from this living planet, from  its presence and emotions towards each other. But still trying to return to the means of life in an updated version of a human being.

Linear shapes and silhouettes that do not follow any countour and collide with every organic shape. Textures and fibers that were born from an organic entity and come back to life reshaped as new whole rooted to life and to the endless evolvement of lifetime.

Luis Padilla moved to Toronto in 2012 and decided to pursue his second career in fashion design. His main inspiration
was his grandfather who was a shoemaker and taught him that success is to be passionate and proud of what you do every day. Luis main inspiration is the constant change and that force that pushes us to explore, to experience to feel new sensations, emotions, feelings and beauty in all its forms. Due to the hunger of curiosity Luis needs a constant evolution and change, his work is influenced by different objects, currents, and art movements that man creates through time.

His latest work takes inspiration from space, man-made structures, geometric shapes and nature itself, creating a unification between organic and inorganic forms, configurations that are both filled and devoid of life.

Alongside his Industrial Designer wife, the design duo have launched a gender-neutral clothing and accessory shop.

Using only 100% natural materials of the highest quality which require no water for cleaning and care, promoting the ideal that fashion and design should and can be environmentally sustainable.


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