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Working in beards we are constantly examining themes of identity, beauty and memory. We are interested in questioning gender divides,expectations of gender and the judgment placed on appearance. We are longing to create new ideas of how we can live within this world as our true selves, with out shame or fear. We are proud to adorn ourselves in performative moments with beautiful beards so that we can be seen and heard clearly in our intention of dismissing societal pressures. Through performance we also explore our connection as sisters and woman. We investigate how our identity is shaped by each other, our history and DNA; how our past is influencing our present. The syntheses, separation and repetition of these themes drive KINSFOLK towards challenging society’s vies of the female form and how or emotions fit within.


KINSFOLK was established in 2015 by sisters Holly and Jackie Timpener. They create work inspired by stories and research concerning the Bearded Woman and explore there relationship as family and women. They showed their first performative work at the performance night “PROCESS” (2015) and have gone on to feature there work ‘The constitution and deconstruction of Identity’ at Nuite Rose in the summer of 2016. Holly and Jackie completed a self directed residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point (2016) and look for forward to another 2 week stay in April 2017.


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David Cash


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David Cash