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This collection was inspired by the textile work of indigo dye. Indigo dye is a natural based dye which is processed for the production of denim as well as print work. India, Japan, Egypt, Iran, and Peru are some of the many countries that where known to experiment with indigo dye.
Through much experimenting, Morvarid found that the richness of coloUr is its strongest on denim and it being naturally dyed where the blue tones aren’t ever consist creates more personality.
Therefore with this collection she is introducing the technique of indigo work by hand making her own dye which she has dipped her fabric into, in order to create her very own naturally produced denim collection.


Iranian born and raised, Morvarid’s Rezaei Asl grew up in a country very influenced by its culture. Along with this, having spent a lot of time travelling as a child, Morvarid was also influenced by the different cultures and lifestyles she was exposed to, in which she likes to incorporate throughout her brand. Every collection Morvarid presents is connected to some form of culture that has inspired areas of the world while adding her own touch of modesty and edge to give a streetwear vibe. To view some of Morvarid’s recent work, check out her Instagram page mrvddesigns where she gives you a taste of her own Persian culture through the architect and tile work inspired collection.

April 24-28, 2019

Exhibition Opens 5:30pm

585 Dundas Street East Toronto