Inspired by carnival, architecture, street art and people, EYESEEYOU is being noticed; it is not being despised and minimized. EYESEEYOU is making our diversity normal. EYESEEYOU is denouncing harassment, exploitation, and discrimination. EYESEEYOU is acknowledging that every culture has their beauty, every country has theirs. All women and all men are beautiful. EYESEEYOU is this eye contact that introduces a connection; a link between the diverse ways we carry our bones, to think, to meditate, and to love. We are not different. We are all equal but diverse; we are beautiful let us wear clothes that identify us as being cultured and make everyone aware of our existence.

Elements used in this collection are: faces to illustrate expression, contrast for boldness and presence, color for diversity. Dynamic lines and shapes are also added combined with colorful accessories and sculptural elements to create connection, unity, and cultural links.




Igor’s studies in design pushed him to think about his audience rather than just creating for his own satisfaction. ‘‘I want to create pieces that last, that are appealing to the eye and that people will enjoy putting in interior spaces or on them without missing the artist’s narrative or visual intention.”

My goal is to combine both imagination and aesthetics to touch the viewer’s feelings by using the appropriate elements. My designs are mostly influenced by photography; there are a lot of faces, emotion and expressions. My most explored themes are self-reflection, iconic people, personality, and human responses. My passion for performance art, fashion and cinematography is also perceived through the movement, the dynamism, the textures and contrast in my work. Being Haitian allows me not to be afraid to incorporate eccentric colors in my art. It is hard for someone to categorize my style however I would say that it is expressionism, realism and pop art combined.


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David Cash


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David Cash