Modern life is making us lonelier. This may be one of the biggest public issues of our time. I believe sharing nostalgic memories in fashion could give us the power to define and transform the individual from the inside and reduce his loneliness. Nostalgia counteracts boredom, depression, and anxiety. It makes people more tolerant, and more optimistic about the future. If we share our nostalgic memories with others through our outfits, we may feel less lonely and more connected to each other.




Mitra Ghavamian is a Toronto based artist of Persian origin. She is a graduate of University for Dramatic Arts in Tehran. She moved to Toronto in 1994 and started working as a breakdown artist for films such as X-Men, Bulletproof Monk, and Wrong Turn and theatrical productions such as The Lion King. In 2009, she launched a fashion line named MITRA. Since then, she has brought us edgy collections, which are not only beautiful, but also make a strong statement on our modern western multicultural society.IIIn 2010 Mitra presented a collection named Passionate Love, which paid tribute to ancient Persian love poems. In this collection, she designed not only the outfits, but also the fabrics, most of which were covered with messages of love written in Persian.

In 2011, she presented a collection called White Wedding Uniforms. In this collection Mitra deconstructed the elements of the traditional wedding gown, and re-presented it in a way as to tell the story of a modern, sexual, city-dwelling bride. Mitra’s collection in 2012 was titled Ghashghaie, named after a nomadic tribe who live in the mountains in Asia. This collection reflected the way our physical environment affects our lifestyle, the architecture of our spaces, and our sense of fashion. In 2013, she tackled the idea of fashion as Identity, in a collection called Identity Crisis! Her collection reflected our use of fashion to express our inner conflicts about our identity, gender, and sexuality. Mitra’s 2014 collection, Toggle, was a commentary on our multitasking-obsessed culture. In 2015, she celebrated her love for Canada’s natural beauty, in which she partook in the Made in Canada movement, with a focus on reusing and recycling in every aspect of our lives, including fashion. And finally, in 2017 Mitra’s focus was on asymmetry and incompatibility in fashion design. The outfits in her 2017 collection were off-center and created with odd or mismatched disparate elements.

Mitra’s 2018 collection is called “Nostalgia”. In this collection Mitra shares nostalgic memories with her audience. When asked about her 2018 collection “Nostalgia”, she says: “Modern life is making us lonelier. I believe sharing nostalgic memories in fashion could give us the power to reduce this loneliness, or at least feel it less.”


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