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The concept of the project is composed of combining 3 key elements into the installation:
1) Seven influential Chinese symbols reflective of my childhood.
2) Pervasive liberal western culture.
3) Explorative mixed media sculptures with PVC bags.
The seven Chinese symbols used are the following: red packets, mah-jong tiles, fortune cookies, cork sculpture frames, woven plastic bags, prosperity characters and Chinese knots. This will be contrasted with influences from the other side of my life: kink (s&m, bondage), transparency/vulnerability, intimacy, and dark satire.
The materials for the bags I am using are PVC, leather, metal hardware, chord, and textiles from the iconic Chinese plastic bags. These bags will be displayed in an intimate interpretation of a rope bondage session that conflicts with eastern conservative practices. These bags will be tied in a combination of Chinese knots and bondage wraps and hung off of bamboo rods while suggestively containing sex toys and lit up with red light to enhance the ambiance. For the installation, I will be using bamboo rods, white rabbit milk candy, dildos, rope, red lights, extension cords, straw mats, cinderblocks or heavy rocks as weights, wax candles, rigs and s&m hardware. Please see attached for what the layout will look like and progress shots of the bags.


Art_cle is a contemporary accessory line that focuses on utilizing modern materials with traditional applications. Each bag is conceptually a book with a story to tell. Our products are created for real people living in their truest form and looking to enhance their creative self-expression. The aesthetic of the brand blurs the feminine and masculine, creating minimally constructed and functional products.

JUNE 2 - JUNE 17, 2021


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