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This will be Nisha’s third time showcasing at Fashion Art Toronto.
In lights of the recent tragedy and passing of Kobe Bryant and daughter Gigi, Nisha is dedicating this years collection to Kobe & Gigi. Merging the blueprints of two legends with diversity, creative and inclusive culture at FAT – the 2020 collection – Courage by Nisha proudly presents :


Inspired by Kobe`s work ethic, discipline and love for family, This years collection aims to capture the spiritual courage to rise from the ashes. We fall and rise in life, and the intention is to tell the story of the souls veins that carry the wings of resilience, peace and beautiful hope.


Being born and raised in Norway, Nisha embodied and combined best of two worlds – her eastern South Asian culture, and her Western Norwegian culture. She is currently taking a degree in community development, and just recently created her brand “Courage by Nisha”.
Courage by Nisha serves as a physical representation and embodiment of the relevant subjects and social issues important to her, and most importantly to our society. The brand serves as a platform of expression. As both a symbol and statement of the mind’s state of non-confinement. A safe haven for the individualist.
Nisha`s primary goal is to have brand-recognition that care, takes a stand and uses a voice as a weapon to inspire and to be courageous. Her vision is a mix of collections featuring clothes, film and performance as a medium of social commentary. Nisha aspires to create an interest in otherwise ignored or often overlooked subjects. Her work is cutting-edge concepts merged with courageous state of the art historical warrior influences.


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