Deji Kalakuta designs are brought to life by daily inspirations around him. His designs are created out of love, his love for arts & fashion, and most especially his love for creativity and the energy behind my best spent days and most his successful goals. He creates for everyone and his end goal is to make people happy with the garments produced, which enables them to express themselves through fashion. For this collection (Individuality), it is created to distinguish his designs and ideas from others. Individuality collection was created to mark his distinctiveness in the Canadian fashion scene. Overall, the collection also connects back to Deji’s personal experience of being an immigrant in Canada. He is a proud Nigerian who has been fortunate enough to learn and embrace the multicultural fabric of Canada – and, that is expressed through the collective work produced. He feels lucky to be in Toronto, because the city offers individuals like himself the opportunity to showcase culture and diversity. Nevertheless, his clothing line is a prime reflection of what his generation represents now, which is minimalism and the simplicity in his clothing line reflects the baby boomer’s lifestyle.  



Déji Kalakuta created this clothing brand because he wanted to get centred and unlock his creative side. Deji’s brand is stimulating and acts as a means of self expression (Which has been a gracious journey so far). Déji Kalakuta was created out of love, his love for arts & fashion, his love for creativity and the energy behind his best spent days and most successful goals. Instagram http://www.instagram.com/deji.kalakuta


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