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Embrace is a fashion art action elevating the socio/cultural fabric into an aesthetic that embraces diversity, respects differences, invites to inclusion and actively rejects hatred and prejudice. I see embracing as a “together” connecting movement, a mechanism that reflects the beauty of “inclusion” through the simple fact of touching the other in the dynamic of sharing a community aesthetic through fashion and art. In their unique bodies, the models share their stories about gender, emotions and standards of beauty in an a temporal bold black fabrics and gold covering scars, covering lips, hands, thirsty of a touch, and over raw skins.


Dorian Shine is a multicultural and multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto. Dorian explores in his work the body as a starting point to interrogate the human condition. Creating hybrid forms of art film, Shine unveils in his concepts how taboo regulates the social fabric & the individual aspirations. Stigmas, sexuality & female body objectification are in the center of his productions. He has exhibited his work at many international festivals, such as the International Theatre Festival of Belgrade, Serbia and the art performance of Biennale of Buenos Aires in Argentina. Dorian Shine has received the Toronto Art Council Mentorship Grant for newcomer artists for this year.


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