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As with any manufactured item, clothing has a lifespan: born by design, lived by production and wear, and killed by neglect and abandonment. 

What if we can bend this arc into a loop?

Every step represents energy spent. The intent of my collection is to harness this energy to a transformational cycle, in which the end is simply a new beginning. I seek to create a series of garments that employ innovative energy-conserving recycled fabrics and one-size-fits-most adjustable fits that are supremely practical in urban contexts.



Minhee Sim was born and raised in Korea. Upon graduating from university, she enrolled in a six-month-long Fashion Expert Program at Kyung-Gi Art College (’13), and subsequently decided to continue her education in garment design at George Brown College (’16), through the Fashion Techniques and Design program. Her studies culminated with her successful participation in a number of design challenges, namely the Sears Canada/Adorable Outerwear Visibility By Design GTA Student Fashion Contest at Toronto Fashion Week 2016, and an award-winning entry in the Trotec Laser Challenge 2016. 

Her professional career has included a lengthy stint at Ellie Mae Studios; most recently, she has joined the product development team at Roopa Knitting Mills Ltd.   

Minhee believes that fashion offers more than simple aesthetic function, and that smart design can affect lifestyle on a great level. She draws inspiration from the urban milieu around her and her pursuit of a life defined by environmental consciousness, thoughtful consumption, and spiritual and physical wellbeing.

JUNE 2 - JUNE 17, 2021


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