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While maintaining its heritage as an environmentally friendly urban cyclist-facing concept, for its 2nd collection, eightithree will experiment with different shades of light, as perceived underwater. The absolute wholeness of water and the fluidity of movement it lends to shapes will be explored through the use of various sustainable fabrics, such as recycled polyester, recycled nylon, hemp, and most excitingly, Umofil. Umofil is a textile composed of ocean collagen peptide derived from recycled fish scales. The process yields rich blacks blended with deep hues of dark green and blue.


Minhee Sim is originally from Korea, and has been residing in Toronto since 2014. After graduating George Brown College in 2016, she had a lengthy stint at Ellie Mae Studios, with subsequent positions at Roopa Knitting Mills Ltd and most recently at Unisync Group ltd as a product developer.

Minhee believes that fashion offers more than simple aesthetic function, and that smart design can affect lifestyle on a great level. She draws inspiration from both the urban milieu around her and her pursuit of a life defined by environmental consciousness, thoughtful consumption, and spiritual and physical well-being.


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