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“Rainbow Connection” is a series of hand cut collages that were inspired by this year’s Fashion Art Toronto theme “We Are All in This Together”. The 6 collages use colour symbolism to explore some of the characteristics of people in the fashion industry: violet for mysterious, blue for confident, green for natural, yellow for optimistic, orange for creative, and finally red for passionate. Using both vintage and modern fashion magazines each collage weaves bits of fashion and fabric with faces and figures to celebrate the diverse community, collaboration, and the interconnectivity of the fashion industry. The original hand cut collage which is limited in size by the source materials is then scanned and printed to a larger format in order to increase the scale of the work and enlarge the grain of printed material. This process gives the work a sort of pointillist effect while allowing the viewer to enjoy the hand cut details in each piece.


Erin studied painting, drawing and art history at York University in Toronto where she earned an Honours B.F.A., followed by a B.Ed. from Brock University. Although originally trained in painting and drawing, Erin has been producing analogue and digital collages for the past several years. Erin has participated in several local and international exhibits including Scotiabank Contact Photo Festival in 2018. Erin’s work has also appeared in several publication and she is a frequent contributor to ELLE Canada. She currently resides in Oakville, Ontario teaching high school visual arts and practicing her craft.


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