Our collection presents rich crafts encapsulated in global contours. The collection Doodle is a perfect sync of sustainability and innovativeness. Much like pieces of a puzzle, we have used leftover discarded textiles and fabrics which are left unused by other retailers post-cutting, which account for “wastage” in export terms. We have put these bits and pieces together, each with its own story. We have experimented with textures, embroideries, panels, washes, shapes and sizes to optimize the use of every little fabric. Creating statement pieces “from scrap to fab!” we create beautiful stories with each piece. Begin your story with us today!.


The label ‘Folklore’ is a Fashion Luxury Brand showcasing craftsmen and art by merging innovative designs with sustainable clothing techniques to make fashion not just chic, but also eco-friendly and affordable. FOLKLORE brings the traditional design legacy to the modern world by re-designing, re-constructing and re-cycling the waste garments, fabrics, and trims in high fashion garments. We make sure every product has its own identity in terms of cut, fabric, and color; redefining the entire concept of individuality!


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