Hypokrites for the Greek was simply “a stage player” referring to any person who was wearing a figurative mask and pretending to be someone or something they were not. It took a surprisingly long time for hypocrite to gain its more general negative meaning that we use today: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings. The dissonance between the two meanings give to the performance a chance to explore and experiment; as the model walk trough the runway exposing a dressed body , the performer will undress from a God/king to a shaman/medium and to a final plant/being. Masks costumes and accessories will transforming one into another creating a constant movement. Nothing remains stable in its metaphysical identity.

The performance aims to take fashion back to its mythological origin.


Franco Berti is a multimedia artist born in Italy. He studied both at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice and the Instituto dArte Michele Fanoli in Padua. Francos work focuses on the process rather than the result while challenging the boundaries within the elds of art to bring to focus to how we make and affect culture and identity. After immigrating to Canada in 2008, Franco became very interested in issues regarding transience, nomadic cultures, identication, symbology, history, and myth. He continues to work within these themes as an immigrant in a foreign land and expands on these through his various travels and experiences.


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