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When one looks at marble, they see a stone to be full of flaws, cracks and stains. But in reality, the beauty of marble is in those imperfections. The concept behind this collection relates to people who has been taunted and belittled due to their so called “flaws”. They may seem to be broken but from within they are strong as marble and are proud of their imperfections. From their grim experiences they create personalities packed with self-esteem and confidence. Lastly, in order to protect the environment all the pieces in this collection will be made of sustainable materials.


KAMAL is a Toronto based fashion startup brand founded in 2018 by Yasi Kamali. KAMAL is a sustainable couture brand which is focused in using hand-made and hand printed fabrics in women clothing. Yasi is a self-thought artist and fashion designer. My journey in fashion started when I was just child. I was obsessed with fabrics and fashion; I used to sit and watch my mom for hours who cut and sew dresses for herself and our relatives. I began using my mom’s leftover fabrics to make outfits for my barbie dolls. In a short period of time, I had a vast collection of barbie dresses which usually shocked our guests. When I finished high school, I attended visual arts school in Tehran and got my bachelor’s degree in fashion and textile design. Shortly after, I started to become active in the fashion industry and began designing clothing and dresses for multiple clients. In 2019, I moved to Toronto to follow my dreams and reach my goals in the fashion industry. I believe Fashion Arts Toronto is a wonderful platform to showcase my brand and work. Every clothing piece from KAMAL is made to deliver the message of confidence and self-esteem to the person who wears it.


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