La Collision par Louisette is a collection that tells the story of many worlds colliding. It depicts an evolution of resiliency and reclamation. Influenced by her own experience of living with chronic pain, Louisette recognizes the suffering of many others in the north- young mothers desperate for help; people overdosing; suicide rates rising; and the impacts of residential school leaving a legacy of trauma. Collision par Louisette aspires to raise awareness of silent suffering, while also honouring strength and resiliency. That, despite the darkness, there is also light. In fact, it is the light that shows us the way.



Louisette’s story spans from the small Acadian town of Bathurst, NewBrunswick, where she was born and raised, to the far reaches of Canada’s north, inanother small town, along the shores of Kluane Lake, Yukon- the place she has called home for the past 18 years.

For Louisette, sewing began as a family affair. As a young girl, she was taught about patterns, shapes and the art of customizing outfits, from her aunt and her cousin, whom she would spend Sunday afternoons with, learning her craft. Louisette has much gratitude for both her aunt and her cousin for shining the light on what would eventually become her path.

Influenced by her French Acadian roots and her deep respect for the natural world, Louisette draws inspiration from her life in the Yukon. Louisette fully immersed herself in learning when she moved to the Yukon, becoming efficient in both hunting and trapping, while honing her skills as a seamstress and artist. While living in the Yukon, Louisette was an active member in her community, where she learned from many of the local Indigenous people, many of whom became family. It was only a matter of time before Louisette had the vision to merge these two worlds and create something brand new.

Louisette’s designs integrate traditional northern wear with some Acadian joie de vivre, combining ethically sourced furs and tanned animal hides, with the elegance of lace and practicality of recycled materials. Her designs bring to life the contrast of the north- the beauty that is both rugged, yet pristine; the lifestyle that is as challenging, as it is alluring; and the certainty that it is as real, as it is romantic. Like the north, her designs cast a spell that will always call you back for more.


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