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“Mujh say pehli see mohabbat maray mahboob naa mang” As translated: Beloved, do not ask me to love you as I loved you before.
First verse of critically acclaimed and awarded poem written in the early 1960’s by Faiz Ahmad Faiz, one of the most celebrated writers of the Urdu language. This timeless ode, speaks in parallel to the effects of American capitalism that we see today. Individual opportunity and economic pressures has had an adverse impact on the creative industry as well, where creativity has now become second to financial bottom line. This has become increasingly prevalent and obvious with the introduction of private equity acquisitions of fashion and art based businesses. This begs the question of true creativity can exist if guided and based on corporate motivation. Thus, Faiz describes his cynicism in one line as “Do not ask me to love you as I loved you before”. Is our creative freedom truly free?


We create meaningful street wear rooted in tradition, culture and history. With each piece, we hope to blend modern art and fashion and inspire social consciousness within our community. Specifically, the vast amount of forgotten poetry, art, and culture from the Middle East. By connecting the two worlds together, we are hopeful to expose our community to the beauty of different cultures and traditions, and create a new avenue of learning as a choice rather than a lesson. Loveclosely has been featured on CP24, Breakfast Television, and CTV. It has also been styled on celebrities such as Roy Woods, Majid Jordan, Jessie Reyez, Ali Gatie, and Yuna.


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