The synergy of fashion and art is the core of every Manik Fashion Collection. Performance and live music is the heart of everything I create. At Fashion Art Toronto, Manik Fashion will incorporate the live performance of maestro Dr. Draw, a famous Torontonian and one of the world’s best electric violinists (Dr Draw links*…) A personal friend of mine who has performed at many of my events, he will set the stage for a FAT fashion-music extravaganza that will be second to none…

Moreover as an accomplished artist, Manika Gaudet paintings will be projected (#2 of interactive paintings) along with the live musical DR Draw experience. In addition to the art projection, if FAT security permits, we can have an outstanding, live SILK artist / Trapeze act that would vastly compliment the multi-media experience.

Manik Fashion has a long history of connecting fashion with the performing arts. I have caught the eye of many award-winning film-makers, including Mark A. Krupa (award-winning producer / writer – THE WILD HUNT– TIFF, Slamdance) who has featured my designs in his next projects (In Faustian fashion link)

Following Mark’s lead, I will employ a fluid – model-centric approach so they present the clothing line on stage as ethereal dancer-actresses. I will coach them to that effect. As Manik Fashion is a dreamily diaphanous, airy, breathtaking, and unmistakably magical – the models will be coached to emulate this dynamic tone!

Every item is styled first and foremost with the wearer in-mind, imparting a light, barely-therefeel that flatters any silhouette and is as visually delightful as it feels to wear. Manik Fashion has magically infused each piece with positivity, to yield creations that are a avant-garde, colorful and empowering celebration of individuality. Show your true colors… Be You-nique in Manik!



To create fashions that make women of every shape and size feel beautiful, comfortable and confidently feminine…it’s a dream Manika Gaudet has held since her graduation from Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy in 1999.

The laureate of numerous fashion design competitions and the recipient of a fellowship for her captivating creations, this young graduate possessed a growing enthusiasm for the commercial, ready-to-wear market. Upon joining BGN&CO., a Quebec-based fashion house renowned for creating stylish and original clothing, Manika quickly saw her star rise as she soon landed the position of head designer.

After over a decade at the helm there, Manika ventured to undertake her greatest aspiration and live out her dream by starting her brand Manik Fashion. It’s a name she is making synonymous with the perpetual quest for novelty through the creation of distinctive, hand-painted designs, and the mastery of cut and comfort without compromise in either.


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