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I strive for an inclusive future by trailblazing a new approach to accessibility within the arts & entertainment industry. My goal is not only to entertain but to educate and spread awareness by showcasing diverse individuals in a collaborative approach. As a certified/professional entertainment interpreter, I use American Sign Language while rapping and choreograph ASL directly into the movement/performance. By including deaf performers on stage beside me, I help spread awareness of the need for accessibility, deaf culture/community, language access, and collaborative music/entertainment. I am restructuring the arts & accessibility and paving an inclusive road for artistic generations to come.


MDL CHLD [Middle Child] is a multidisciplinary Accessible Artist that values diversity & inclusion by merging his profession as an American Sign Language Interpreter and his passion for dance, art and music into an innovative performance approach. With 20+ years of entertainment experience he’s worked with MLSE to provide accessible stadium performances for Jay Z, Panic! At The Disco, Shawn Mendes, & many more. His own work integrates Deaf & Disabled performers, while prioritizing LGBTQ+ & BIPOC individuals. By integrating ASL into dance/movement, sharing his platform, and rapping while using Sign Language, he creates a mind-blowing, distinctive performance that is captivating and inclusive. Follow him on Instagram under @ChrisCorsini or contact him directly for inquiries at


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