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Yasaman creates her collection of overlapping and interlocking clothes from silk-satin, cotton and scuba fabric, projecting simple shapes onto surfaces. she projects different forms (squares, triangles and circles) onto the wall at different angles. Designs are inspired by the unique yet simple patterns of architecture to keep the focus on the shapes. Her garments consist of essential lines, geometric cuts, and monochromatic colours. Shapes such as squares and rectangles are cut out from the material to create patterns. Such maneuver allows several qualities displayed in one single piece, eliminating the need for various material usage. Laser cutting techniques result in a significant one-of-a-kind garment, which has the possibility to fit the consumer’s size and demand. Yasaman’s collection proudly holds a unisex position to project her strong beliefs in gender equality.


Yasaman Arasteh migrated to Canada in 2011, and is currently working as an independent designer and entrepreneur. She successfully accomplished her dream by earning a fashion design degree from George Brown College. In harmony with her previous degrees and experiences as an architect and urban designer, fashion allowed her to advance her signature style, and sharpen her technical skills in product development. Her middle-eastern culture and roots inspire her unique designs, which granted her a finalist position in the Telio competition.


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