Once in a while, a designer with his own language is born, but very rarely, one in his own universe, and that is the case of Rossemberg Rivas in El Salvador. When this happens, it is not a coincidence, but a series of familiar, social, and educational factors that model this person and, of course, because of sensitivity and capacity of the designer that concentrates, materializes, and strengthens those natural conditions.

Since now, this event is a reason to celebrate for all of society, and it is also the reason that, Marte Museum-coinciding with its tenth anniversary in 2013: the museum director decided to open its doors to the exhibition of all pieces of work done by Rossemberg in his ten years of professional activity.

Also, this decade coincides with a new era in the country with war wounds that are still so recent and with basic problems not solved yet: the designer then becomes a referent to all future creators and a very powerful tool for a society that needs to build new spaces to improve the quality of life of all people.


Rossemberg is a designer that surprises with his youth, personality and creativity. He expresses with ease in diverse areas of clothing, set design, ephemeral events, films, video making, furniture and interiors- areas that surely will become bigger in the future because of his Renaissance vision which does not recognize limits between art and design.

The goal of the exhibition is to show Rossemberg’s work with no prejudices and no labels; Proposing to discover it, enjoy it, plunge into his world through his eyes, and to prove that the best way to classify Rossemberg is not to classify him at all. We have to try to understand his universe in which ludic, oneiric, and magic images mix with other aspects that are more critic, reflexive, and committed with society.

His academic preparation started in his early years in the National Arts Center CENAR in El Salvador, studying also in the National School of Dance Morena Celarié, the technical school Carlos Alberto Imery, the artistic seed of CEPREMIN, supported by UNICEF, and a variety of specialized classes of music, photography, sculpture, and theater. His great Salvadoran teachers allowed him to acquire skills related to space, volume, and color management, but above all, the ability to use the tools to outstand in his studies of Design at the University Dr. José Matías Delgado, where he later became a graphic design coordinator. But the true creative spark, and who really awakened his artistic abilities since his early childhood was his grandmother, Vilma-a pedagogue. Her hands modeled his Renaissance vision and his sensitivity for painting, sculpture, music, poetry, dance, theatre: she was the key to let him build the universe that we now see materialized.


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