528Hz is a collection captured in the essence of love. This collection will evoke raw emotion from your heart. Sustainability has played a large role in U3’s world and we believe in showing love to all existing things, which will ultimately bring us together to create a better place. We rework pre-existing garments with authenticity and passion. We hope to inspire you through fashion to love, express yourself and carry your own legacy of life through love. We’re not just a clothing store, we are art.


U3 is computer coding for the word, “love” because the store was built and is running from the heart. Our products consist of both new and vintage clothing as well as reconstructed clothing. We want to uplift the community by working together to create an environment where you feel loved and have moments of love.

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Instagram: @u3_official

Website: https://u3official.com


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Cultural / Location Partners

Ontario Science Centre

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Felipe Restrepo