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V A I N will be bringing high fashion to the runway by showcasing a fun and flirty womenswear collection that will offer a fresh look at cocktail/evening attire which we like to characterize as urban glam. We will be using delicate fabrics that allow for great movement, hand stitched details, and custom accessory pieces that will showcase the fun in being a woman in today’s world. Our pieces will allow for a different take on the typical evening wear which allows for each person’s own individuality to prevail by means of self-expression through femininity and fashion.


V A I N is a clothing brand that was created by designer Shay Ling.  Shay is a newly mother of three with a nursing background and an undeniable yearning for the fashion world. This led her to change the direction of her life and pursue her true passion.  Shay has always been a timid person but uses fashion as a way to speak for her. Always desiring to stand out with statement pieces and being different from the rest she began with DIY projects on store bought clothing to give her the edge that her voice couldn’t.  DIY projects soon lead to the sketching and designing of clothing attire that she would then get custom made.  Shay’s passion continued to grow and with a lot of positive feedback on her statement pieces and constant inquiries about her clothing she decided to pursue her true love one step further and began taking up garment construction. Shay has decided to leave her fears behind of entering the world of fashion and just go for it! Please continue to follow her journey on her Instagram page @vain__fashion.  


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