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VEA Studio

Fashion and Architecture are based on basic life necessities – clothing and shelter. However, they are also forms of self-expression for both creators and consumers. Fashion and architecture express ideas of personal, social and cultural identity, reflecting the concerns of the user and the ambition of the age. Their relationship is a symbiotic one and throughout history, clothing and buildings have echoed each other in form and appearance. Our collection is depicting a reflection of an architect’s mentality to fashion design. It is the result of research exploring the possibilities that lie in the implementation of architectural methodologies in fashion design through the material, digital fabrication technique, and geometric experimentation.


Vahid Eshraghi is an architect who studied architecture at Islamic Azad University Tehran Central Branch, University of Tehran and AA school of architecture. He has worked for renowned architectural firm Zaha Hadid Architects in 2013. He founded VEA Studio in 2014 and started practicing in architecture and researching into interdisciplinary fields such as architecture in fashion and nature-inspired cladding systems. His main fields of interest are computer-aided design and manufacturing, so along with architectural practices, he began applying computational design and manufacturing solutions in fashion design because the field has a lot in common with architecture. Simultaneously, he pursued his interests in research by instructing interdisciplinary courses in fashion and architecture at Art University of Tehran and Contemporary Architects Association of Iran.

OCT 15 -26, 2020