CAROLINA REIS: Form follows body / La forme suit le corps

As humans we are engaged with each other and work as a community. Our bodies are influenced by the nature of our daily activities, and responsibilities, but also by our clothes. What motivates me to create is the desire to raise awareness about the impact of our relationship with material culture. Engaging in every project with careful analysis and hands-on research, I am committed to make work that is environmentally and socially responsible. By studying the body’s movement and positions, and researching on garment constructions, I try to find shapes and materials that question dress codes and fashion.


Carolina Reis is a designer, artist and researcher. With a multidisciplinary background in graphic design, fashion, visual art, and conceptual design, Carolina has an interest for textile technologies and new media. She works for Le Labo, Toronto’s Francophone Media Arts Centre, as a communications and outreach coordinator. Her work was presented in several shows (Jeunes Créateurs in Montreal, Fashion Museum (MoMu) in Antwerp, Dutch Design Week, Lisbon Design Biennale, Museum fur Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt and Saint Etienne Design Biennale and F.A.T. 2014).

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