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“I thought I was colourblind”///Cosmic Boudoir.

It is the return of Mary Merula ( a character introduced in Brit’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection titled, ” Hello, Mary Merula”) We will see the rise of new characters who are living, thriving, and discovering life on planet Earth. To see what we see, maybe things that we take for granted. A reflection of the world around, forever changing and chaotic yet a simple rhythm known by all.

Brit expressively incorporates colour and print like she has not done before. Garments lending sentiment to the wearer through shifting of energy and empowerment.


Brittany Wacher is a Canadian designer who studied at La Salle University in Vancouver, BC. Following graduation she worked as a stylist in Thailand before relocating to Arnhem where she worked with Dutch designer Pauline Van Dongen. It was under Van Dongen’s tuleage that Brittany began to refine her approach to garment construction and the practice of conceptual exploration. Wacher has recently relocated to Toronto from a year of experimentation an travel which reflects into her current work. Wacher’s pieces are reflections of experiencing life through fantasy and simultaneously, the core conflicts of the physical world.This energy, represented by moods and feelings is transformed into shapes, colour blocking and use of lines in textile. Habitual examination of information collected consciously and subconsciously, creates a strong dialogue between simplicity and chaos. Thus, producing a display of shapely, complex, unconventionally tailored garments. Brittany Wacher’s label Brit Wacher, has been viewed at Toronto Fashion Week, Montreal Fashion Week, Saturday Night Live, and featured in Vogue Italia, Glow Magazine, Clin d’oeil Magazine, Flare Magazine, FASHION Magazine, Brooklyn Magazine, ELLE Magazine, Fashion Magazine and many more. Brittany collaborates with other designers, artists, and musicians in creating multi-disciplinary projects which allude to the overall concept of creation and contribution to creative community.

JUNE 2 - JUNE 17, 2021


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