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The Opulence in the Wild collection is a selection of garments that are out of the ordinary “Nique” statement pieces. Elegance as it’s finest, the unique designs within the collection exude luxury with a flair of sexiness. These garments may be worn on a hot summer night in the city or in the cool desert breeze. Be prepared to spice up your life with the dynamic energy Opulence in the Wild beholds. Be Bold. Dare to be different, get your etiquette on fleek, dare to be Nique!


“Nique” is inspired by my middle name Monique (Allison Monique ) the French version of my mother’s name Monica who is an seamstress, my mentor and cheerleader. Nique symbolizes my clothing garment’s uniqueness. Nique is me, Nique is my company and Nique is how I see the world. In the high school I would plan my outfits every night down to every detail every accessory. Nothing makes me more excited to start a new day like an outfit that captures my energy! Working towards the idea of uniqueness and developing my brand Nique has restructured my mind. Nique has given me, Monique a sense of identity, confidence, and purpose. Nique specializes in curating luxurious street wear and statement garments that enhance ones body whether size 2 or size 20 (or more). Nique integrates sportswear into figure flattering high fashion designs. My Nique clothing line has allowed me to embrace my body flaws and all. Most of us have body issues or things about our bodies we may question.

Own your body and love it, dare to be different dare to be Nique. N I Q U E is one of a kind timeless brand challenging traditional styles by merging eccentric prints and a mosaic of materials. Luxurious fashion isn’t just for magazines and runways its for me its for us all. Fashion is a lifestyle how we choose to dress and express ourselves, take back your body make fashion your own.

JUNE 2 - JUNE 17, 2021


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