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Working as a costumer, I use a wide array of fabrics and findings on a daily basis. Often, the trash-bound offcuts and leftover yardage leave me filling bags with perfectly good fabric that I just can’t stand to see thrown away. And so it came to be that my hoarding tendencies gave birth to a new ongoing project. The Dead-stock Project is a personal and continuing endeavour where I conscientiously breathe new life into unwanted fabrics, trimmings and findings. Through a range of textile manipulation methods, including dying, felting and sewing, the resulting garment’s humble beginnings are easily forgotten. These three curated monochromatic looks are one part candy kid and one part grandma’s basement, styled with vintage accessories. Shot on a Rollieflex 75mm camera, the photos embody the paradox of illusive permanence that is the fashion photograph today’s digital culture.


Toronto based designer Sabine Spare is engrossed by all things textile related. Since completing her BDes in Material Art & Design from OCAD University (2013), with a focus in Fibre, Spare has been working as a professional costumer. Within the realm of textiles and fashion, she has worked on a variety of collaborative and solo projects. Her interest in both traditional hand building techniques, as well as cutting edge technologies have inspired her to travel to remote villages in Central America and major European cities alike. Interested in pushing boundaries, Spare’s practices of making, exploring, researching, collaborating, and dreaming always circle back to the textile. Above all else she believes in inadvertent sustainability through playful innovation. 


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