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Inspired by a childhood filled with Dutch culture, the collection explores the work of some of the Netherlands greatest artists. From the complicated brushstrokes of Van Gogh’s impressionist work to the delicacy of Delft blue porcelain; the collection aims to chronicle the altering way we view beauty, persona, and style through the work of Dutch artists. Delicate laces and flutters of white silk are given a bold contrast with luxurious brocades and intricate embroideries. With her own style of brushstrokes, she plays with brilliant colours tossed in a whimsical style to achieve the impact of historical art in modern day landscape.


Sarah has always used creative avenues as a way to express herself. She believes her creative energy is an extension of her personality; magnetic and constantly evolving from the nature of her spontaneity.

After graduating from Wilfrid Laurier’s School of Business, Sarah travelled the world as an entertainer on cruise ships; discovering her thirst for cultural diversity and love of the spotlight. Her avid globe-trotting has greatly influenced her creative spirit, resulting in an eclectic mix of styles and inspirations. It is a marriage of worldly experience and passion, unified to form the basis of her design philosophy.

Her mindset revolves around experimentation; a tool used to develop, diversify, and discover new avenues as a designer. Fascinated by the backdrop of her adventures, she creates works of art that stimulate the senses. She combines the use of rich textiles and modern style lines to achieve a balance of funkified beauty.

No colour too bright or detail to small, she is a contemporary artist influenced by traditional craftsmanship. From adventures through the magic of Indian couture to the streets of Amsterdam, inspiration stems from the utterly complex beauty of the world that surrounds her.


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