Amplify Apparel presents the SS18 Collection DISORDER.

Mental illness is something that effects many individuals. It can create an invisible barrier that separates you from friends and family. In her early 20’s Amplify designer Allie Wood was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. It was challenging to constantly question reality, if she couldn’t trust her own thoughts and feelings how would she cope with life? From periods of deep depression and isolation to severe spells of obsession and self harm, it was an endless emotional storm which left her feeling angry and insecure. It was difficult to form and maintain meaningful connections with others while trying to manage the turmoil within.

DISORDER represents her journey through the chaos of this illness. The intensity of the emotions is captured within this collection by a vivid colour palette, repeating patterns and transformative outfits. Pushing back against her issues has brought a level of self awareness and creative expression to her life. This is the foundation from which she strives to create and connect with others.




Amplify Apparel is a Toronto based wearable art brand from designer Allie Wood. Specializing in experimental unisex accessories and up-cycling designs, Amplify pushes the limits of wearable art and fashion. Couture fashion forward designs for the trend conscious individual who wants to make a statement with their style. From start to finish a fashion show by Amplify Apparel is a dynamic piece of performance art, featuring some of Toronto’s top performance artists. With a flare of the extreme and a touch of the surreal, audiences will fall in love with one character after another. Turn up the volume with shocking designs from Amplify Apparel!


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