Gemine Design’s Fall/Winter Collection is inspired by the ideals of female empowerment and equality -women taking a stand, demanding to be heard- which are more prominent now than ever before. The intention with Black Magic Woman is to invoke the confidence and assertiveness of women today. Another focal point of this collection is sustainability. According to an article from the Huffington Post, “In Canada, a staggering 85 percent of our apparel ends up in a landfill equating to over 10.5 million tons of clothing. In one year alone, Canada produces enough textile waste to create a mountain three times the size of Toronto’s Roger Centre stadium.” The Black Magic Woman Collection is made from new and re-purposed materials having sustainable fashion be the foundation of all of Gemine Design’s work.



The Toronto based brand, Gemine Design was established in 2016 by Michelle Good. Gemine Design is a contemporary line of accessories and apparel made from new and reused materials. Michelle is a self-taught artist and designer who is passionate about reclaiming the lost and forgotten. My inspiration as a designer comes from the story of an elderly couple who were asked by a reporter ˜How have you managed to stay together for 65 years?!” The women replied “We were born in a time where if something were broken, we would fix it, not just throw it away.” This is a mindset that is becoming lost in our time and as a result I have fallen in love with the idea of giving new life to the broken and forsaken.

Gemine Design understands that that clothing and accessories should be a form of self-expression, allowing women to express themselves confidently….The bold, unique accessories and apparel, are available in seasonal collections, limited edition lines and one-of-a-kind pieces. The core of the collections are eco conscious, created by combining repurposed clothing/accessories with new materials.

Gemine Design also works with clients to customize and personalize meaningful pieces. “I had a friend pass away in 2016, and was asked by her mother to create a new necklace from her daughters favourite necklace that had broken. From that experience I realized that there was incredible value in sentiment. Having the ability to take meaningful heirlooms and give them new life is incredibly value in sentiment. Having the ability to take meaningful heirlooms and give them new life is incredibly rewarding.” Since it’s inception in 2016, Gemine Design has collaborated with Canadian designer Lesley Hampton by accessorizing her collections in several fashion shows including Vancouver and Toronto Women’s Fashion Weeks.


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