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A source of inspiration for my collection “Celestial” was Thierry Mugler’s work and his Fall/Winter 1995 couture latex corset collection. I wanted to combine latex and sequins to achieve a sophisticated, elegant, and unique look that would be attractive to celebrities and people with an artistic mentality.

“Celestial” has two meanings. One is astronomical or heavenly, and the other one is godlike. I wanted to express both meanings through my collection by using a magnificent sparkly sequin fabric that glitters like a star, and latex which is an ideal fabric to show female form. Belt bags started trickling into street style since 2018. The trend infiltrated every corner of the fashion world but they have a more casual appearance and are big enough to carry stuff that you need for your daily routine. I wanted to create and incorporate into my collection a belt bag/phone case made of latex and sequins that would be perfect for going out. A sleek bag that is ideal for carrying a phone, credit cards and ID so ladies can enjoy their evening without the need to carry a bulky purse.


Olga Kosumoff graduated from George Brown College with honours in 2019 as a fashion designer. Her first collection was for Threads Fashion Show 2019. Olga was designing and creating garments since she was a child. Her first designs were created for dolls, school theatre performances and then when she became a teenager she started to create garments for herself and her sister. Olga’s mother, a fashion designer herself taught her how to do measurements, make patterns, cut fabric and sew garments. Olga Kosumoff received her first award for the “Little Black Dress” competition when she was just 13 years old. Since then Olga never stopped creating her unique evening wear. After graduating from George Brown College Olga decided to form a new design company Kosmos Couture with the main focus of creating her own fashion line of women’s luxury cocktail/evening outfits.


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