Opulence is queen…. Rule number 1 : Always be elegant wearing a golden silk strap-on during a Court Dinner.


Maison Chardon is out of the mind of the French-born artist, performer and provocatrice Strawberry Chérie.
Maison Chardon is a creative fashion brand that embodies fetish burlesque-inspired couture. Her one of a kind designs channel the deviance, and poetry from Baroque to religious iconography. Feast of pearls, Vinyl, embroidery, silk, crystals… Sophisticated fashion tease all handmade with love by herself.

Strawberry Chérie has been making her own stage Couture since 2012. Mesmerized by her unique style, Her audience began requesting custom orders. Finally Maison Chardon was born in 2016 in Seoul, South Korea, and is now based in Toronto, Canada, since 2018.
Her Designs had been worn by K-pop groups, featured internationally in magazines such as Dazed and Confused, seen in movies…
The House Madame has created unique fashion shows worldwide. In Canada, Maison Chardon had been Guest Designer for FASHION Canada, Fashion Art Toronto, FashionShoot Extravaganza, Montréal fetish weekend, and “Pins and Cream” (her own Fashion immersive Shows in Toronto.)

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