Morgan’s body of work entitled “Raining Cows”, expresses the inspiration he gets from rain, colour and his appreciation of cows. He uses rain as a filter to distort and create different levels of abstraction.The cows are graphic, however, his work is painted on layers to the feeling of rain. One can actually see the layers and splashes of rain, creating a 3D like floating effect.The colours, the clouds, the rain and the graphic application all come together to create a happy and calming effect. In these stressful and turbulent times, Morgan wants “Raining Cows” to make people happy and to make them smile.

In Spring 2019, Morgan will be launching the “Raining Cows Art Series” Jacket Collection. It is where art, fabric and imagination come together to create magic. These silk hand made bomber jackets will be available for men and women.

In May 2017, Morgan exhibited a solo show called, “The Land of Raining Cows”, at the Steam Whistle Gallery. Morgan and his brain sculpture “BLUE SUN”, participated in the 2017 Baycrest TELUS Health Brain Project.He was also part of the official TIFF 2017 gallery. During March 2018, seven new designs of Morgan’s “Raining Cows” were featured on Samsung phone cases at the Artist’s Spotlight in the new Samsung Experience Store, Eaton Centre.

Morgan is represented by the Art Gallery of Hamilton and works out of his studio in downtown Toronto.



Morgan Sheardown was born and raised in downtown Toronto. After graduating from OCAD University he worked for a well-known graphic design studio before launching Sheardown Design. Besides his love of design, Morgan also has an extensive background in illustration, painting and fashion, which he incorporates into his work. Morgan enjoys being creative in a variety of mediums and recently completed a feature length screenplay which will be made into a film.


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