Suhanya’s new SS2020 line is modern and whimsical. Intricate texturing and flamboyant needle craft dazzles through a unique concept with silhouettes that weave a dream around a woman’s body. An eloquent drape style with glamour and embellishments laden with attention-grabbing detail.


Suhanya Lingam offers fabrics in various textures, colors and forms of embroidery that are found in each piece of clothing. She tells the story of her garments through the utmost care in detailing and the finishing of her pieces. Suhanya is a Canadian Designer known for her conceptual pieces and contemporary approach to clothing that merges the traditional designs of Indian heritage with modern feminine charm. Her styles of designs are bold and lean towards modern silhouettes. Her designs combine attention to detail and a contemporary approach to bring out high fashion collections unique in perspective and a conversation starter. Her works draws inspiration from her travels, her experiences, and from the people she meets. However her outlook goes a step forward which shows clarity in her work to capture natural beauty. Her pieces encompass what women desire: they want their clothing to be chic, effortless yet wearable pieces that Suhanya delivers through fine Indian-inspired craftsmanship.


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