Fashion Art Toronto
NOV 16 - 19, 2023


SHOP Fashion Art Toronto is an online shopping destination for bold Canadian fashion and art, with a mission of bringing the excitement of the runway into the consumers closet. Our goal is to maintain our commitment to community, diversity and inclusion while continuously pushing the boundaries of mainstream fashion and highlighting innovation in design. We are committed to fuelling the future of art & design in Canada by bringing visibility to emerging local creators and encouraging Canadians to shop local products.

SHOP Fashion Art Toronto is a cost effective platform for designers and artists to sell and promote their work. With all points of the shopping journey managed by the shop; customers, inventory management, shipping rates and calculation, advertising and promotion. We want to make it as easy as possible for designers and artists to sell their products, bringing together the entire Fashion Art Toronto collective to unify our presence on a global scale. This is a seamless all inclusive virtual platform geared at connecting an entirely new customer base which is currently untapped.

Being a customer with SHOP Fashion Art Toronto is all about an easy shopping experience that offers innovative pieces, diverse items and sustainable clothing options where purchases go towards sustaining local businesses. Our customers know that diversifying their wardrobe and pulling away from fast fashion is where the future of fashion must go.